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Featured Firearm Contest Rules and Details


How to Enter

To purchase entrie(s) to the contest you can pay the entry fee with:

Credit/Debit card - Purchase your entries HERE

ApplePay- Please ApplePay the payment to 704-564-5451 also text the email address you want associated with the entry.    

Zelle- Please send payment to and include ONLY your email in the comments/notes section.

Cash or check- Please text how many entries you would like to 844-390-2384 to arrange for payment.

Failure to provide your valid email address for your entry will result in you not being entered into the contest and any entry fees paid will be refunded. No refunds are given once your entry has been verified and entered into the contest.

No purchase is neccesary to enter the contest. To gain a free entry to the contest you must use Carolina Firearms & Transfers to complete a transfer of a firearm during the contest period. The time at which you select Carolina Firearms & Transfers as your FFL, you must submit a screenshot via text message to 704-564-5451 or other confirmation must be emailed to 

You can also gain 1 free entry for every 3 new participants you refer to enter the contest. The participants must be subscribed to the contest alerts by texting "Register" and then their first and last name to 844-474-4954 See below for an example.

Text "Register John Doe" to 844-474-4954 and you will receive a confirmation within 15 minutes to let you know that you've been added. 


Guaranteed Fairness

To ensure fairness, once all entries have been filled you will receive a link to the contest where you will be able to enter your email address (in all lowercase letters) to confirm the following:

Total number of entries in the contest.

How many, if any, entries you had for the contest.

If you won the contest or not. 

Each contest will have a limited number of entries into the contest.

The amount of entries and/or the entry cost for each raffle may vary depending on the retail cost of the contest item. 

The way the amount of entries is determined is the retail value of the prize for the contest divided by the entry fee. 

For example: If the prize for the contest has a retail value of $500 and each entry is $20 then there will only be 25 total possible entries ($20x25=$500). 

This maximizes participants chances of winning compared to a traditional "raffle" where there are hundreds, if not thousands, of entries which further reduce each entrants chances of winning. 


Can I have multiple entries into a contest?

Yes! You may have as many entries as you would like, until the contest is filled. If you purchase more entries then are available then excess entries will be automatically enrolled in the following contest or refunded at the descretion of Carolina Firearms. 

Does each entry increase my chances of winning?

Each entry increases your chances of winning relative to the total number of entries in the contest, ie if there are 20 total spots for a contest then your chances are as follows:  1 entry gives you a 5% chance, 2 entries equals 10% chance, 3 entries equals 15% etc. 

Will people know I entered or won a contest?

No, contests are hosted with and none of your info or the winners info will be publicly shared. The only way anyone will know if you entered or won is if you tell them.

What if I can't own the item for a contest?

In the event the a winner is not able to own or posses the prize for a contest or does not have the proper documention required at the time they win then either:

The contest item can be held until they become eligible and have the required documents to take possession of the item.


The item can be exchanged for store credit to be used at equal to 80% of the retail value of the item. 

What happens if I win?

The winner of each contest will be provided with instructions on how to claim the contest prize following their win. Shipping is not included so if your item must be shipped then the winner will be responsible for any shipping costs associated with the item with a maximum cost of $50. Carolina Firearms is not responsible for any additional transfer or background check fees that are required to take possession of regulated items. 

Please email with any questions or comments about the contests.

View the current contest prize here.